(Adenium Obesum almost blooming...)

This Adenium Obesum was purchased a few months ago from the Lowe's here in town for about six dollars. It has been slowly growing along the windowsill where it gets medium light as well as an average temperature somewhere in the lower 70 degree range. It is often watered about once every week and has thus far not complained about this watering schedule.

(A closer view...)

It has been getting ready to bloom for about three to four weeks now and it is now starting to show a hint of pink (which you might or might not be able to tell from the picture above) and should be beautiful once it fully blooms.

It has been suggested by other blogs that you should let your Adenium Obesum go dormant for the winter, such as this link from Mr. Brown Thumb's blog, but I purchased it very late in the fall and wanted a plant that would bloom during the winter months. Perhaps next winter I will let it go dormant.

I will post a picture once the plant fully blooms.

Photo Credits: Me


  1. Tracy // February 21, 2008 at 12:21 AM  

    I was just looking at these today, They are really beautiful plants. I love the fat caudex. Can't wait to see pics of the flowers!

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