Holiday Cactus Blooms

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(Pink Holiday Cactus Flower)

Finally, a post from another creature other than Jordan!! This is the second holiday cactus I bought. The first holiday cactus I bought was from Wal-Mart. The plant looked good on the shelf in the plant section but once I got it home it started losing blossoms and died right then and there. I was devastated so I bought this one from Lowes and this one proved to be a better, happier plant.

I grew up with lots of holiday cacti around so I feel like I have a personal connection to them. Right now my mother has two holiday cacti, one white and one pink with flowers in bloom. The two kittens have not eaten them yet...and hopefully they won't.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia ("ZZ Plant")

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(My IKEA "ZZ" plant)

I currently own two "ZZ" Plants (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia), both of which I purchased about four months ago. I purchased one at a local plant nursery since it was the lowest price I had seen for a ZZ plant, but not too long after this I found a very beautiful and dark green ZZ plant at IKEA for five dollars and just had to have one.

(The new leaves unfolding...very cool.)

The IKEA ZZ plant at home did not appear to be changing much for the first month that I owned it, but in following couple of months it started to take off. There are now several new shoots starting to grow and the plant is growing so quickly that I will soon need to move it to a new and larger pot.

(The "uglier" ZZ plant from a local nursery...)

The plant from the nursery has been growing at my office at work and it looks decent, but it hasn't really changed much since I purchased it and the leaves aren't the same beautiful dark forest green as the other plant, they a much lighter shade of green as you can tell from the picture.

I wish I had purchased more plants from IKEA when I had the chance because in subsequent visits to the stores they have not had any for sale. Hopefully I will be able to find another one in the future.

The ZZ plant is by far one of the easiest houseplants that I have and it is a splendid plant with it's bright and shiny leaves.

Photo Credits: Me

Holiday Cactus Bloom

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Today my white Holiday Cactus decided to bloom for the first time! I purchased it a few weeks ago and I wasn't 100% sure that it would have pure white flowers, but it does indeed. I just love the flowers since they are so incredibly beautiful. I wish I could have an entire room full of blooming Holiday Cacti!

Photo Credit: Me

Aphelandra squarrosa ("Zebra Plant")

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(It's a beautiful plant, isn't it?)

This isn't my plant, but it sits right outside of my office and I help take care of it. This plant actually belongs to the brother of my Boss at work. It has been growing next to a window where it gets sun in the afternoon and it currently has a beautiful bright yellow flower on it and there is perhaps another one on the way!

I just love the dark green color this plant has and I will have to purchase one for myself and see if I can have as much success!

Photo Credit: Me

Spathiphyllum ("Peace Lily")

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(Were you trying to kill me?!?)

Yet another pot-bound plant from Lowe's. This time it was my Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) that had been doing flowering and had been looking good for me for about a month and a half until suddenly it completely lost it's ability to stay upright. I thought that perhaps I had been over-watering it since I had accidentally left some water in the tray that the pot was in...twice, so I thought I'd let it dry out. Instead, I took the plant out of the pot last night and all of the roots looked healthy and there was no sign of root rot. I placed the plant in a bowl of well water overnight and low and behold, this morning it was standing upright again! It is now in it's new home in a new pot and it is looking a lot better!

Photo Credit: Me

The Tale of a Troubled Pothos

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(I guess this pothos still looks pretty pathetic...but it looks better than it did before!)

About a month ago, I purchased a discounted golden pothos at Lowe's that was in a small pot and was trained to grow up a piece of wood. I brought it to work and let it grow for a while at my desk but after a while I noticed that the pothos leaves were starting to droop. I decided it was probably time to re-pot my pothos and so I purchased a larger pot and promptly re-potted the pothos. I was astonished to find a mangled mess of pot-bound roots that they had to be separated and spread out so that they could take in water in their new home.

The plant has since looked a lot better although my boss and a few other employees at work keep telling me how the plant needs more water or needs more sunlight...but they don't realize that the plant has gone through a dramatic transition and needs more time to fully recover from the situation it was in.

I enjoy having this pothos in my office, so hopefully I can get it to look healthier so that people in my office will stop worrying about it so much.

Photo Credit: Me