The Tale of a Troubled Pothos

Posted by Jordan | Monday, December 03, 2007 | | 0 comments »

(I guess this pothos still looks pretty pathetic...but it looks better than it did before!)

About a month ago, I purchased a discounted golden pothos at Lowe's that was in a small pot and was trained to grow up a piece of wood. I brought it to work and let it grow for a while at my desk but after a while I noticed that the pothos leaves were starting to droop. I decided it was probably time to re-pot my pothos and so I purchased a larger pot and promptly re-potted the pothos. I was astonished to find a mangled mess of pot-bound roots that they had to be separated and spread out so that they could take in water in their new home.

The plant has since looked a lot better although my boss and a few other employees at work keep telling me how the plant needs more water or needs more sunlight...but they don't realize that the plant has gone through a dramatic transition and needs more time to fully recover from the situation it was in.

I enjoy having this pothos in my office, so hopefully I can get it to look healthier so that people in my office will stop worrying about it so much.

Photo Credit: Me