Vegetable Garden Pictures

Posted by Jordan | Friday, August 08, 2008 | 0 comments »

The vegetable garden featured in this post is at my parent's hosue. Annah and I have recently moved in together (finally!) and I will only be staying at my parent's house on and off for the next few weeks where I will hopefully be able to enjoy some of the harvest! In addition to that, Annah and I are going on vacation starting tomorrow and we will not return until August 17th, so there will likely not be any posts in our absence.

This particular vegetable garden is small compared to my sister's garden, which we hope to post more about upon our return from vacation, but this garden is a decent sized garden that produces some vegetables for us. It is basically divided up into two sections which will be described below.

Section One: Cucumbers, Zucchini, and Eggplant

In this small space we have a zucchini plant, burpless cucumber plant, regular cucumber plant, and two eggplants. This is just starting to produce vegetables with cucumbers ready for picking and eggplants on the way. The zucchini will probably not be ready for a few more weeks.


Section Two: Tomatoes and Peppers

There are somewhere around ten varieties of tomatoes growing along the back of the house. Most of these are heirloom tomatoes purchased from the farmer's market in town or started from seeds purchased at Seed Savers Heritage Farm. Also growing in there are Serrano peppers and Green peppers, which we enjoy in salsa or just freshly picked.

(Tomato plants)

(Red Zebra Tomato)

(Red Zebra Tomato)

(Yellow Pear Tomato)

(Serrano Peppers)

(Extra plants...)

There wasn't enough space to transplant all of the plants into the garden, so I have left some of them to live out their lives in the containers which they were originally planted and only a few lucky ones were transplanted into larger pots. I am experimenting with this to see if these heirloom tomatoes will produce anything at all in those pots. I will post an update once I find out.