Propagating Fittonia

(My work fittonia in Novemeber 2008 when it still looked beautiful.)

You may remember my Fittonia Propagation Project (see picture of healthy fittonia above, read the post here) regarding my desire to thin out my Fittonia argyroneura that was growing magnificently in my office. Well, unfortunately this plant threw a fit while I was gone during my long New Year's weekend. I had watered it on December 31st before leaving work and thought everything would be just fine. However, when I returned to work on January 5th the plant was "passed out" and was very unhappy. I promptly watered it and thought it would return to normal.

Troubled Fittonia
(My pitiful work fittonia in January 2009.)

The plant did bring itself back up into an upright position, but many of it's leaves shriveled up and needed to be removed. While this Fittonia now looks rather pitiful, as seen above, it is still alive. I am very happy that I decided to take cuttings from the mother plant when I did because I still have two healthy new plants from the two cuttings I took.

Hopefully this will not happen to any of my fittonia plants again.


  1. Julie // January 16, 2009 at 9:55 PM  

    I love my fittonias. i would cut off the long peices and cut them shorter and root them in water, then stick them in with your other plant...I keep doing this and I keep my potful thick and lush. Are fittonias not the most wonderful plant??? Low light, and just gorgeous colors! May fav is the one with red veins...it always looks good...as long as I water it twice a week! Good luck with your plant!!!

  2. Jordan // January 19, 2009 at 2:11 PM  

    Hi Julie, thanks for the comment. I think I will try your idea and hopefully I can get my fittonia looking thick and lush like it once was. I do think fittonia's are one of the best houseplants...as long as they are watered twice a week as you say!

  3. Maureen from office plants // February 7, 2011 at 2:47 AM  

    Your fittonias really healthy.
    Thanks for your post.
    It makes us realize how to do the perfect care of those.
    You really help us do the right caring.