Garden & Houseplant Updates

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It has been a month since the last update about the garden at my parent's house, in which I described toward the end of that post a little experiment I was going to do with a few select plants that I had started from seed. I had started them with the intention of growing them in the garden only to later realize that there was not enough room in the garden. Well, you can take a look at the images below to see their progress. So far the plants have been growing well and are starting to produce fruit, although I'm not sure if any of the fruit will ripen to maturity by the time we have our first frost, but hopefully they will ripen. The region of the state where we live had a little scare last night with the temperatures dipping into the upper thirties for lows, but so far it does not appear that any of the plants succumbed as a result.

(The seedlings still growing...one of the banana pepper seedlings has a pepper!)

The actual tomato plants in the garden have been producing a fair amount of fruit. All of heirloom tomatoes this year have been extremely delicious and have varying colors and textures to brighten up the garden. Our selection for the dinner table include: Golden Sunray, Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Red Zebra, Black Prince, Golden Peach, Green Zebra, Lemon Drop, and a Black Cherry variety. I will plan on growing all of these varieties in the future. You can purchase heirloom seeds online at Seed Savers Exchange.

(Golden Sunray)

(Red Zebra)

(Black Prince)

(Golden Peach)

(Green Zebra)

(Green Zebra)

(Black Cherry Tomato)

All of our cucumbers and squash got some sort of disease or virus and have died over the past few weeks (see picture below). As a result of this, my parents will only be planting tomatoes in this section of the garden in the future.

(Dead Cucumber plants and squash plant.)

Nearly all of our houseplants are at the new house and so far the transition has gone smoothly. There is a small glitch we are working out with our heating system in our house, but luckily it is not winter yet and all of the houseplants should survive. Our plants are neatly arranged in the top room of our house, where theoretically in the winter the heat from the rest of the house will rise up to that room to keep it warm enough, and the room should get sufficient sunlight throughout the winter months.

In the next few weeks I hope to have a post a more thorough update about our new house and the houseplants growing there. Also, if I have the chance I hope to write a post about my Aglaonemas, which are currently some of my favorite plants. So keep checking the website for more updates!