Pothos Cuttings For Our Terrarium

Posted by Jordan | Saturday, December 06, 2008 | , , | 1 comments »

Last week Annah and I decided that we were going to purchase two anole lizards to have as pets. Our Hermit Crabs are still alive and doing well, but they are usually more active at night or burried beneath the sand while molting, so they are not the most exciting animals to own, even though they can last a long time in captivity.

When I was growing up I had some anole lizards and still had some of the supplies to use for them such as a terrarium, heat rock, and a lid with lights. However, once everything was set up in the terrarium, it seemed like it was missing something and the anoles did not seem as happy as they could be. So, after doing some reading in an anole book we had purchased, we decided to set up a little mason jar with pothos cuttings and water and see if that would work. After drilling some holes in the lid for the jar, I filled up the mason jar with water, placed the pothos cuttings in, and placed it into the terrarium. I then put some of the substrate for the terrarium on the lid of the jar to make it look a little more natural.

So far the cuttings seem to be doing well and the anoles seem to be happier since they now have a place to hide and the pothos also allows them to drink droplets of water off the pothos leaves.

If this idea does not work I think we will try planting a pothos directly into soil in the terrarium, but for now we will keep our fingers crossed that this idea will succeed!


  1. Sarah @ White Lily Dreams // December 9, 2008 at 11:24 AM  

    Good luck with the project.

    The anole is so cute!

    It took me a while to find him in the pictures though :-).